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IVG Community

Our vision is to unlock financial freedom for every contributing member of our community.

We’re on a mission to introduce more girls to Web3, ensuring diverse representation and balanced design. By embracing diversity, we can create a more inclusive and innovative Web3 space.

Let’s be honest; financial empowerment drives positive change. As young women acquire wealth, they gain the resources to shape a better world. It’s about fostering economic independence for a brighter future.

Our mission is to solve the problem of environmental waste caused by the "Fast Fashion" industry.

Our planet needs our help, and we’re committed to making a difference. We believe in harnessing the power of crowdsourcing and sustainable production to address environmental challenges. Together, we can be stewards of a healthier Earth.

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The research says it will take 257 years for workplace gender parity, InnoVationGirls says, 'Absolutely not!'


iVG empowers girls/non-binary from age 11 onward, guiding them on an immersive journey into Web 3.0/Metaverse, where they create, design, and actively shape the new economy.

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What You’ll Experience

  1. Unlock Your Creative Genius:

    Dive into the world of Virtual Reality and learn how to design like a boss.

  2. Explore the Web 3.0 Adventure:

    Get ready to conquer the Metaverse and navigate its thrilling landscapes.

  3. Master 3D Magic:

    Learn 3D modeling in the immersive realm of Virtual Reality.

  4. NFT Wizardry:

    Discover the art of creating and dropping NFTs like a pro.

  5. VR Access:

       Each contributing member receives a VR headset!

  1. Connect Globally:

    Be part of a community of awesome girls and non-binary pals from across the globe.

  2. Craft Your Digital Portfolio:

    Build a standout online presence for college and career success.

  3. Design & Earn:

    Get paid for your epic fashion creations as you rock the digital runway.

  4. Mentor and Thrive:

    Make money while guiding newbies on their exciting journey.

  5. Learn from Legends:

    Get the scoop from badass women experts who've been there and done that.

IVG.World is a safe community for Gen-Z girls/non-binary to learn about and create in the metaverse while developing friendships with girls around the world from the comfort of your home. 

Our Journey So Far



Successfully finished Cintrifuse's Flywheel Accelerator Program, and our inaugural group of 11 young girls secured second place in Kroger's Zero Hunger Zero Waste open call for innovative solutions.



iVG collaborates with the University of Cincinnati and four local schools, using the Systematic Inventive Thinking method, extending our reach to the tri-state.

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